~Flow Engineering Writing Commission  Stevie Ronnie

~Flow Engineering Writing Commission

Stevie Ronnie



There’s a turn like this in love:

her resisting the lateral-loads

and bridging the artist’s instrument.

A saline eye fixing space,

she’s moving despite the static

of breathing. Shear wall diaphragm.


The rate of her revolution

is a dial skipping

and holding her live-load.


Control. The current method’s tender.

The maintenance of vegetation.

She pushes the weight of his rack –

overturns him like a hull.


She wishes she could diamond

change, essentially generate frames


like a waterwheel in tide.

There’s a turn like this in love


or a resistance to the lateral loads

bridging the instrument

which fixes saline.

Static despite moving through

sheer diaphragmatic breath.


It revolves at his rate –

skips then shifts a dial.

A live-load holding his material


back against the tender current

of vegetable maintenance

pushing back the rack-weight

of the city’s hull.


Diamonds. He wishes.

He generates essential change


like a waterwheel in the tide.

And like a waterwheel in the tide


she changes her frames

into wish-diamonds.


She turns over.

Rack her thoughts

for control of the tender.


She loads materials

into skips then dials

her revolution’s number.


Breathe. She

moves among the static

of the fixing eyes.

The artist bridges instruments.

She loads resistance


to a turn like this in love.

Like a waterwheel in tide


he generates frames – essentially changes

diamond. He wishes


to overturn the city’s hull

push the rack-weight

of vegetable maintenance

back against the tender current.


Alive, the load holds his material –

it skips and shifts a dial.

All revolves at his rate


of sheer diaphragmatic breath

moving through static despite

a fixing of the eye

on the bridge artist

who resists lateral loads.


There’s a turn like this in love.

~ ~ ~

As part of a series of engineering themed events that used ~Flow as inspiration, a group of writers were commissioned to produce a piece of original writing inspired by the engineering behind ~Flow. Engineering relies on precision and detail, as does good writing.

The writers worked alongside Dr Viccy Adams from the Newcastle Centre for the Literary Arts, Newcastle University and Buro Happold to develop their work. The selected writers were:

Wes White
Stevie Ronnie
Julie Ward
Guy Mankowski

~Flow is proud to have worked in partnership with The Royal Academy of Engineering to develop the ~Flow Engineering Programme.