NCLA New Writing: 'Buen Camino' by Antonia Cundy

NCLA New Writing:

‘Buen Camino’ by Antonia Cundy

Buen Camino


To lie, to flop, to fling

Down on a bag.

Green, green,

Rich warmth – what warmth! –

In the word, green.


I wandered, not lonely as a cloud,

But full!

Full of sun and pulpo,

Empanadas and air.

Boiling over, a bubbling brook.

O Cebreiro, Sarria, Palas de Rei.


I escaped the world,

With just two friends,

And flew –

To music, words, the rise and fall of hills;

Fat friars lying flat, grassy chests and muddy knees.


Just green and brown and blue.

Golden cowbells which really ring,

Sheepdogs, used for herding sheep,

Milestones for a map.

Yellow shells into yellow arrows –

“Buen camino”, passed along the way.



Antonia Cundy is a second year English Literature student at Newcastle University, and editor of The University Paper Newcastle. Having always written for pleasure, she is now hoping to circulate her name further in the poetic world.