Winner: Antonia Johnson, 'Grandad’s House'

Winner: Antonia Johnson,

‘Grandad’s House’

Antonia Johnson’s poem ‘Grandad’s House’ is the recipient of a 2020 Newcastle Poetry Competition Young People’s Prize.


Grandad’s House


My Grandad’s house is a home

stacked with memories piled like photographs,

scrapbooks and albums and boxes of string,

a place to remember when the years grow old.


My grandad’s house is a tidy one,

compared to my nanny’s nest of print

where she sat like a dragon hoarding gold.


My grandad’s house is a shadowed house,

where the fridge is never empty

but the cupboards are bare:

a KitKat always sneaks away

and settles on a table with a cuppa.


My grandad’s house is a Sunday roast,

with ice lollies, crisps, and a sofa for three,

a conservatory strewn with the bones of empires

and beetles rolling with wheels on their backs.


My grandad’s house is special,

a feather boa in the spare room,

a pair of laddered tights.


Antonia Johnson, 16