The Lake at Night  by Felicity Powell

The Lake at Night

by Felicity Powell

The Lake at Night

The lake at night is still,
The surface smooth as paper
And black as heaven’s ink.
Stars are written on the water.

I read them from my windowsill.
Sunlight is minutes old,
And faraway lights died long ago.
Stars are memories on the water.

Forget which way is heaven
And lake becomes sky,
Truth becomes myth.
Stars have fallen in the water.

A ripple murmurs through the ink,
As though an angel’s feather
Has fallen upon the surface.
Stars are flying across the water.

Further apart they soar,
The space between them changing;
Neutron, red dwarf, supernova.
Stars evolving on the water

What if every star’s a sun to another world
And someone there is watching me,
Watching the stars on a lake like this?
Stars are suns for different waters.

The lake is black as heaven’s ink.
I sit awake, uncertain,
Not knowing where water ends and sky begins,
Watching the burning memories
Of long-extinguished stars.

Felicity Powell was highly commended in the Young Adults category of the NCLA’s Water Poetry Competition 2012.

The NCLA Water Poetry Competition was judged by W.N. Herbert and John Burnside. The ceremony was held at Northern Stage on 23rd February 2012.

Photographs of the event can be viewed here.

NCLA Water Poetry Competition website.